Learn how to Crochet the Suzette Stitch

Heather Fiege

Suzette Stitch

In today's tutorial, I will teach you how to crochet the Suzette Stitch. My mothers name is Suzette, so when I stumbled upon this stitch, I obviously had to learn it for myself! It's a very easy stitch, if you know the single crochet and the double crochet. This stitch will be a piece of cake! The one thing I love about this stitch is that it looks very detailed and gives an elegant look, perfect for beginners! 20181018_1051365477252179985340236.jpg Materials: I love this cotton yarn - Spunky from Hobby Lobby Size H 5.0mm crochet hook Ok, let's get started!
  To begin you want to first create a Slip Knot.20181019_1731289073871700287366730.jpg   Next, you will Chain the number of stitches, however long you wish. BUT make sure it's in multiples of 2.20181019_1731584870434637164091970.jpg Once you have your completed length, you will begin your first set of stitch into the 2nd chain from your hook.wp-15399980410165435530723133044202.jpg Skip the next chain.20181019_1735247925308488757771081.jpg Work another Single Crochet & Double Crochet into the next stitch.
  • You will repeat this pattern SC/DC, skip stitch, SC/DC, skip stitch, until you have two chains left. Skip one chain and work a Single Crochet into the last stitch.
Chain 1 and turn your work.20181019_1737061720472741455745329.jpg   Congratulations you have completed your first row!! See, not too hard ;) 20181019_1820147328888448581685422.jpg Next, work a Single Crochet and Double Crochet into the first stitch of the row, skip stitch. Repeat this pattern all the way across until you have 2 stitches left. Skip a stitch and work 1 Single Crochet into the last stitch. As you can see, there is a pattern forming :) Each row consists of the same stitches throughout. Pattern: At the end of each row, CH 1, turn, crochet 1 Single Crochet/1 Double Crochet into the first stitch, skip the next stitch, 1 Single Crochet/1 Double Crochet, skip next stitch, repeat until you have two stitches left, skip next stitch and 1 Single Crochet in the very last stitch. 20181018_1052017152643183964037978.jpg

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